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As the first - and often the last - contact a visitor has at an event, enthusiastic and helpful volunteers are crucial to the event's success. We're always looking for friendly people who'd like to volunteer for a worthwhile cause and want to be associated with this signature event. Volunteering has never been more rewarding!

Want to make the community aware of your organization?

The benefits to bringing a team of volunteers from your organization is a great way to: 

·       Build teamwork and camaraderie in a casual setting

·       Increase organization exposure

·       Be involved in events that directly benefit our community

·       Promote and showcase IRB

·       And just have fun together

We need volunteers on the day of the event to help with: 

·       Welcoming customers to the event and assisting with directions

·       Encouraging entry to games & contests

·       Game & contest setup and support

·       Wine and Beer Sales

·       Checking IDs and issuing wristbands

·       Ticket sales for grand prize drawing & 50/50

·       Set-up, tear down & cleanup

·       Decorating presenter booth areas: Silent Auction, Food & Beverage tents

Volunteer shifts are 2 hours and check in is 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.

Volunteer Contact Information:  Beth Flynn at

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