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We are a grass-roots organization and our success depends on our volunteers.  Our Standing Committees allow us to have many hands and minds contributing to our work and success.

Major Projects and Maintenance Committee

  • Work with the Executive Committee and Board to develop a long-term strategic plan for the corporation

  • Identify, execute and oversee A2K design projects and prepare cost estimates for Board of Directors approval

  • Prepare an annual budget of potential projects for the Board of Directors approval

  • Prepare materials and presentations outlining major A2K design projects to be presented  to the Board of Directors and members at monthly meetings

  • Review all project design requests and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to which projects to pursue

  • Coordinate all Services Saturday functions

Membership and Nominating Committee

  • Actively recruit new members within the residence and business community

  • Maintain membership directory

  • Help to recruit board members and take a lead in succession planning

  • Review the member dues structure and recommend changes, if applicable

  • Work with the Secretary and Nominating Subcommittee to provide information for each annual election and ensure the elections are completed according to the By-Laws requirements

Oktoberfest Committee

  • Direct, organize and execute all aspects of our annual Oktoberfest event

Public Relations and Social Media Committee

  • Liaise with all media and prepare all publicity releases (in conjunction with the President)

  • Coordinate all social media and various publications including Facebook

  • Work with Preservation Awards Subcommittee in the nomination, award and nomination process; support presentation and communication materials

Events Committee

  • Recruit leadership and volunteers and solicit participation for all local events such as Service Saturdays, Greenfest, Beachfest, May Mixer, A2K Socials, etc.

  • Identify new local events and present to the Board of Directors for approval

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