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Mary Rose Holmes, one of the three renowned Plein Aire Cottage Artists, has generously donated one of her beautiful paintings to IRB Action 2000’s Oktoberfest silent auction. The artwork, titled "Save Our Cottages," is expected to make a significant impact in raising funds for the non-profit organization dedicated to beautification and preservation of IRB.
Mary Rose and the Plein Aire Cottage Artists are known for their captivating use of colors and highlighting the endangered cottages, with their paintings become a symbol for a cause – to help Save Our Cottages. Their artwork has been showcased in numerous galleries and exhibitions, earning them worldwide recognition and a devoted following of art enthusiasts. With a passion for giving back to the community, they continue to use their talent to make a positive impact on our community.

You’ll have an opportunity to bid on this original oil painting at the Oktoberfest Festival set to take place on October 14th from noon to 6:00 PM.  The painting will be displayed at the Beach Art Center starting mid-September with bidding to take place at the A2K booth during the festival. 

Come join the fun at Oktoberfest and have the unique opportunity to bring home this stunning artwork while contributing to a cause that helps make IRB special.

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