IRB Action 2000, Inc. (IRB A2K) is dedicated to working with residents, businesses and City officials of Indian Rocks Beach to seek positive solutions to accommodate future changes which preserve/revitalize/enrich our unique small town qualities in a cost effective manner which is both beneficial and equitable to all.


Furthermore, IRB A2K is dedicated to continue to provide Gulf Boulevard and adjacent commercial, tourist and residential areas with streetscape design proposals, to raise funds, to stimulate volunteerism, to assist the City in refinement of planning guidelines, and to work in concert with all above named parties toward that commonly held goal.



For the last 20 years IRB Action 2000 has been making a difference in our community through projects that improve the look of Gulf Blvd.  Volunteerism is at the heart of it all, as it was when we formed in May of 1999.



We have Standing Committees that work together for the good of our organization and our community.  We have short, mid and long-term plans to continue to improve our community while keeping with the small town charm that is important to us and is part of our mission.



Working closely with the City of Indian Rocks Beach and our local businesses keeps us united in a common vision for Indian Rocks Beach.  We have come a long way from the 1990s when our town was quoted in the paper as having a "Tired Look."  We are continually looking to improve and revitalize our community while keeping all the charm that comes from our quaint beach community.