History of IRB Action 2000 

A series of six three hour open workshops were authorized by the City Commission In 1997 to seek grass roots ideas regarding the “nature” of IRB. Images of the past, the present and the potential future were debated. The six sessions were attended by a total of 80 to 90 individuals. A general consensus was reached, and a report was submitted to the City Commission  for consideration. The main thrust put priorities upon:

  •    The unique “small town atmosphere” & small business

  •    Preservation of our beach

  •    Public Safety (pedestrian, bicycle, children)

  •    Encourage a “Florida “look”

As part of those “imaging” workshops in 1997, all properties the length of Gulf Boulevard were photographed and displayed in City Hall. When contrasted with those of today, these 20 year old photos show the positive results which can be achieved through the enthusiastic teamwork of City government and its citizens. Many of the attendees of these “Idea Sessions” became members of IRB A2K when it was founded in 1999.

The Founding of IRB Action 2000, Inc., (A2K):

An outgrowth of the momentum generated by the Idea Sessions led a small group of citizens to establish, in June, 1999, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation for the purposes of spurring public involvement and private sector funding of projects in order to improve the physical image of IRB.


Mission Statement:                                           

IRB Action 2000, Inc. (IRB A2K) is dedicated to working with residents, businesses and City officials of Indian Rocks Beach to seek positive solutions to accommodate future changes which preserve/revitalize/enrich our unique small town qualities in a cost effective manner which is both beneficial and equitable to all.


Furthermore, IRB A2K is dedicated to continue to provide Gulf Boulevard and adjacent commercial, tourist and residential areas with streetscape design proposals, to raise funds, to stimulate volunteerism, to assist the City in refinement of planning guidelines, and to work in concert with all above named parties toward that commonly held goal.